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After the Last-of-Us ps3 panic, a game Last-of-Us-2 was released with a fictional graphic 1-Last-of-
After the release of Uncharted 4, the players ’vision of magnificence, and the great effort made by Naughty Dog Studio until the game came out to us in this way, attention turned to the new part of The Last Of Us, and today we are reviewing four possibilities of where the story of the game will go!
2- Dying-Light-2-1080P-Wallpaper-1-1024x576
Techland does not seem to consider Dying Light 2 much revealing at Gamescom and E3 2018 as a zombie game, and we cited this from Tymon Smektala, the game's chief designer, in a recent interview in which he said:

One of the most important advantages of Dying Light 2 is that it combines story and free roaming, as well as the power of choices and their consequences. During gameplay, you will encounter difficult dilemmas and situations, and the choices you make during gameplay or during the story change or transform the world around you. We created this non-linear narration.

He went on to say:

I don't think it's a zombie game. We have developed, designed and brought the idea that the day is vibrant, and the night is for the walking dead. Therefore, during the day, you will notice that zombie attacks usually do not happen as much at the beginning of the game. Usually, you will find them in hidden buildings or any other dark area.
3-Resident Evil 3 (2020 video game)
None of us can forget the great Capcom masterpiece that was the beginning of its path to the zombie world and horror, Resident Evil 2 released in 1998 for Playstation 2, which highlighted the story of police officer Leon Kennedy and university student Claire Redfield as they attempted to escape from Raccoon City after invading the zombie horde of crowds To her, their adventure made everyone who tried the game feel the heartbeat accelerating and terror ran through his veins, so,

Because of the great demand of this exciting experience and its sales that exceeded more than 4 million copies, Capcom decided to start work on a special remic for this game that was released in 2019 for the PlayStation 4, which also provided great improvements in many areas such as graphic designs, shooting angles and improving the quality of the game in general .

Interestingly, the remic was not less successful or famous than the original game, but almost overlooked it, so all this success may push Capcom to officially announce another remic for the third part of the game, which was previously released in 1999 after the impressive success of the game RE2, in any case. , The Remic for the third version seems to be working on it in conjunction with Remic the second version, but Capcom up to this moment is silent in spite of leaks and hints about Remic this part, but the matter is still not official yet, it is expected that if this part is officially announced that The game comes out in the 2020s, since we are just as m The enthusiasm with which you feel about the game we wanted through this article, our participation of the most important changes that we hope that we find in this Alremek with a brief overview of the Eiffel 3 remind Przdnt original.

(Caution There is a burning event if you play RE3) The pictures are taken from the original version of the game

The beginning of the story twenty-four hours before the beginning of Resident Eiffel 2
4-gta 6 
5-pes 2020
So .. let's tell the story from its beginning .. A long time ago, developer Ninja Theory was one of the leading developers known for creativity and cooperation with major game publishers like Capcom, Namco Bandai, Sony, Microsoft and even Disney and Marvel. If you don't know Ninja Theory developer name before, you definitely know the name of DmC or Devil May Cry. However, the creative developer has suddenly decided to abandon the development of high-quality games or as they call it AAA to turn to the independent method of development .. but with a strange new formula which is the development of independent AAA games !!


We had previously discussed in a previous article the view taken by developer Ninja Theory in his new direction in developing games, but that was months ago from now, and then the speech seemed theoretical and was no longer propaganda from a developer praising himself .. However, the eighth of August came pregnant With him a surprise!
The highly anticipated Ninja Theory game, which we know for a long time, has released Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice, becoming the first of its kind “AAA Independent Game” and opens a door of hope for creative developers who work without a huge budget on new creative ideas without adhering to the publisher’s controls and safe ideas Traditional.
However, the first game launch day did not pass so easily, as the Internet websites turned upside down yesterday due to several things about the game .. Firstly, the game content is very short not to exceed 5 hours or 7 at most. This explains how an independent developer can bring in the resources and time needed to develop a high-quality AAA game.
Secondly, the nature of the game messes with your mind completely, like the hero of the game Senua .. I forgot to explain to you the story of the game, but let's redeem it in no more than two lines .. The heroine of the game as it is clear from its name is Senua and she suffers from psychosis or psychosis which is a mental illness My soul is sharp, separating the patient from the real world to drown in a world of his imagination. This is what Senua literally lives in, as every monster and every move within the game is just a fantasy or the embodiment of Senua's dark ideas. The developer has paid a very special attention to the audio performance of the game and this was one of the highlights of the marketing points mentioned in the game's advertising campaign (as you can notice from the 29 development notes below), as well as emphasizing the use of specialized psychiatrists to communicate this suffering in the most accurate way possible.

The next paragraph may contain some burning of the story, be careful!
This is exactly what is happening, the inner sounds from Senua's head never stop for five hours and it is confusing to the nerves, add to this state of tension that puts you in the game, with the beginning you come out with a message telling you that if you die too much, your archive files It will be permanently erased, which means that you have permanently passed (Permadeath) so that you have to return to going through the story from its inception. In a game like this and with sounds like the inner voices of Senua's head, something like repeating the story from its inception is truly terrifying, but then it turned out that this was only another trick that the developer messes with your head to put you under pressure and tension and immerses you in Senua's head and its poor psychological state!

The third thing that sent the name of the game circulation during the past few hours, is its graphics, because the game offers a very high level of graphics up to the level of graphics generated by the computer CGI, which is difficult to reach with an independent developer.

As for the last reason, he is one of the famous critics (I mean Jim Sterling) who gave the game a score of 10 .. yes 1/10 .. although everyone was greatly impressed by the game, so he comes out himself and then explains that he is a fan of developer Ninja Theory and his actions in general and his audacity to develop the first independent AAA game .. but he nonetheless expressed his dissatisfaction with his exposure to one of the errors in the game that makes him stuck at a particular point without any possibility to overcome it .. In the end, Sterling apologized for his negative evaluation, explaining the motive behind him, stressing that he is reviewing It only reaches him, and not what the game can become after fixing it, however it was buzzing Last time dabble in Hellblade as a product out of the rules, traditions, and routines of gaming publishers!
8-Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020 video game)
Microsoft Flight Simulator is an application that works in the Windows system environment produced by the American company Microsoft to produce computer software, and it can be classified as a flight game that works on computers only.
Uncharted (2020) -9-
Sony will release the Uncharted movie in December 2020 starring Tom Holland
After announcing earlier this year that Sony created a private studio for movies and TV PlayStation Productions with the aim of adapting successful first-party games during which they mentioned a lot of projects, one of them is the latest version of Uncharted, which won the approval of many players.

But now it seems that Sony has decided the release date and is expected to be on the 18th of December 2020, and it will be directed by Dan Trachtenberg who directed 10 Cloverfield Lane and will star in Tom Holland as Nathan Drake the main game champion.

The options may seem strange at first sight, but it seems that the film aims to be a little different, especially because it is trying to adapt a story from the games, after the idea of ​​adaptation previously eluded many.

10-Cyberpunk 2077
7 is the story of an open world full of exciting adventures in Night City, a mega city obsessed with strength, discord, and body modification. She will reincarnate V in the game, an outlaw mercenary who follows a unique planting process that represents the key to eternity. You can customize the electronic software for your character, your skills and your playing style, and explore a vast city where your choices shape the story and the world around you.
Play as a mercenary out of the law
Reincarnate a tech geek, an urban mercenary equipped with electronic improvements, spread your legend on the streets of Night City.
Live in the city of the future
Enter the immensely open world of Night City, a place that sets new standards in visuals, complexity and depth.
He seized the planting that grants eternal life
Take over the most dangerous task in your life and follow the typical planting process that is key to eternity
The game contains the following digital elements:
Game soundtrack
An art brochure featuring a selection of art from the game
Cyberpunk 2020 reference book
Desktop and mobile wallpapers
11- Zombie Army 4
Hitler's hordes are back to doing more in this scary shooting game from the makers of Sniper Elite 4! Mysterious, mysterious enemies, epic weapons, and a horrific new campaign in Europe in the 1940's waiting for 1-4 players, as it fights to save humanity from the end of the world by the living dead!
12- Halo Infinite
At E3 2018, Microsoft started its conference with a short teaser in which it announced Halo: Infinite, the new part of the Halo series, but some were surprised by this designation and started asking questions whether it really is a major part or not.

Microsoft explained today to 344 studio official, Jeff Easterling, who stated that Halo: Infinite is Halo 6 itself although it does not have number 6 in its name, and it will present a complementary story to the events of the last part.

Studio chief Chris Lee had previously confirmed that the story of the new segment would focus on the Master Chief's character while Part Five would present a story separating Chief and Agent Locke.

The news about Halo: Infinite is still scarce and Microsoft has not revealed a gameplay offer yet, until its presentation at E3 2018 was for the Slipspace engine and its capabilities were reviewed, and we recently heard reports indicating that the game will be presented as two parts of the story mode to be released at the end of 2019 and the other special Team play will be released in 2020.
 13- Half-Life: Alyx
After waiting for many years, Half-Life: Alyx was officially unveiled, and although it is not a major part of the popular shooter series, it is an excellent opportunity to bring the series back into the spotlight when it's due in March 2020 via Steam for VR. .

After revealing the first game demo, we got new details about the story through the Gamespot report, as events this time focus on Alyx Vance and her father Eli who were moved to City 17 after the Seven Hours War, and according to the official description of the story city residents learn to live under the rule of the invaders , But among this dispersed population are two of the most innovative and creative human scientists. Eli Vance and his daughter Alyx Vance are the founders of the emerging resistance.