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On why they're going in the direction and making this so let's go ahead and take a look hello everyone and thank you for joining me here today for us after video games industry news report Microsoft took the stage at the Video Game Awards in the late 2019 with Phil Spencer generation Xbox console which is the time was known as Xbox Scarlett and has now been titled Xbox series X very little is known about this console but from what Microsoft has passed when it was just known as the Xbox Scarlett is that it's going to be priced as a premium console now my expectation is at the console is going to be for 9999 USD that is the same price that the next launch at and if they want to be able to sell them I really don't think that they're going to want to have a console that cost more than $500 considering the Xbox one was $500 when it was hell and well we all know how that consoles sold compared to the PS4 that was also announced along with project Scarlet at the time that there was going to be a cheaper more affordable model of the Next Generation Xbox which at this point could be titled Xbox anything wet her number what-have-you we still don't know much about that but currently the news for Xbox owners may be better if you're not looking to upgrade it to the next level because for the next year-and-a-half to two years every console exclusive that is released on the series XY also be launching on Xbox one as well and it says the Xbox one the one s and the EOG fat Xbox one now while this is good for people that aren't looking to upgrade right away I know personally a couple of people that have just reached Xbox One X at the end of its life just because it is cheaper and they're looking to get back into behaving so it's going to be good for them but what does that do to this deals for the actual console itself now we know that Halo infinite is going to be a launch title for the series X and it's also coming out on the Xbox One family of consoles and personally I almost fainted then putting this on the Xbox series ex was a last-minute decision almost the same type of situation with the Nintendo switch in the Wii U and The Legend of Zelda breath of the wild they decided in the last year of consoles released to Port that over to the
switch and it ended up being the better version but they actually cut out of the Wii U version that they
had shown earlier due to the simple fact that they can add parity between the two versions of the game and I'm wondering if they're going to be doing something similar with Halo infinite the fact that it's got to run on the original Xbox has to has to in some way handicap features and it seems that they were what to do with Halo infinite once they put it on the series X now the following information that comes from Windows Central if you guys are interested I highly recommend you go ahead and check out the full article as I am only pulling out what I feel are the most important parts as follows with an interview with Matt booty head of Xbox game studios he stated as our content comes out over the next two years all of our games will play up and down the Xbox devices booty explains we want to make sure that if somebody invest in an Xbox between now and series X that they feel good investment and we're committed to them with content now from the way I read this statement when it comes to him saying that the next two years of Xbox exclusives will be compatible with the Xbox One family I am counting that starting with the launch of the Xbox series X so if they go from the end of 2020 to the end of 2012 and then from the end of 20 1 to the end of 2022 that's going to push it close to the 10-year Mark that they have for the original release of the original Xbox one which was in 2013 and this will pretty much mirror their support of the Xbox 360 that they supported pretty much up until 2015 he wants back in 2005 so it seems that they're going 10 years to 10 years with support for each system and speaking of the Xbox 360 I kind of see them cutting off support child completely for the Xbox 360 with the launch of the Xbox series X and while they're not supporting the Xbox 360 in the typical they still give out one free Xbox 360 game two week. When it comes to games with gold and I don't really see much further past the release of the series X if they do I will have shocked and surprised but I pretty much see them cutting that off with the launcher system of
course with the information out there that the Xbox One family is going to be receiving the Xbox series X Games for at least up to two years after it's launched their articles coming out for
PlayStation that say that the PS5 launch with exclusive games for the PlayStation console according to their and set a reports this isn't something something I actually expected out the console is backwards compatible that's a big deal to me up that's also a different topic because they purchased 15 game studios to help make games for them because the Xbox One really didn't add any exclusives to begin with it had a few handful not all of them were that great and I believe it or not that actually is a big driving force in selling consoles look at the Nintendo switch all the Mario all the Zelda Pokemon games those games sell those consoles that's why I self purchased a Nintendo switch for those games the following information comes from dualshockers I will put the link in the description as I feel I'm only playing what the most important parts are out of the article about that said let's go ahead and it take a look at it exclusives at console launch following earlier Microsoft that the next gen Xbox would be available on all Xbox controllers with the exclusives the Xbox One in the series X talk to journalists Jason schreier has previously mentioned inside a reports of the PS5 launch titles will be extracted to the next gen system the exact quote may come by in order of
Kotaku splitscreen discussion with some information that they heard about the Next Generation
consoles from inside or sources when discussing the sources watch lineup for PS5 trailer Dimensions the has heard of multiple games that'll be launching only on PS5 this is play significant given the recent Xbox series X and brought her Microsoft strategy in an earlier interview with the head of Microsoft game studios Matt booty you know that Microsoft will aim to have all games immediately following the launch of be available on anyting within the Xbox device family meeting the PC Xbox One S and Xbox play Anywhere strategy hoping to speak to a broader market share not to pigeonhole software into a small sect that an audience will chat with the latest Hardware the statement from booty is consistent with chargers predictions that was in the same podcast following the statement on PS5 exclusive schrier mentions that he hasn't heard much about what Xbox will be launching with the Imagine their strategy will be to have it play on as many devices as possible the conversation non-exclusive continues to be an interesting development when comparing the next next gen consoles for the Sony and Microsoft hedge their bets on exclusives and how much they shake up the market by the difference in strategy elsewhere is planning for the consoles as a well PS5 Israelite a more traditional launch strategies like keeping a smaller logo to promote brain consistency meanwhile the Xbox Harry's ex and Microsoft as a whole is hoping to undermine PlayStation large-scale Acquisitions and more revolutionary services like Game Pass so we won't really know how everything turns out until Microsoft strategy seems to be different than the traditional model that they've been going for leading the charge of course with its console exclusives Microsoft seems to be taking a different approach in whether or not that's actually going to work out for them we will have to wait and find out but until then guys don't forget in order to be part of the conversation and had your voice heard hit that subscribe button and leave as it does help out the video feel free to go ahead and check out the links in the description of my social networking and my Discord and all are free to join our joining me here today and I'll see all of you in the next video trials