Rumor: ps Skipping E3 2020 | Microsoft Says No Xbox Series X Exclusives. What's This Mean for PS5?
Random Monday video here in the interest of their getting really long and I actually cut out some new stories the last few weeks we had two very good news stories over the weekend that I thought would definitely talk about this but we saw the rest of the weekend to be like 30 plus one of them being that Sonny might be skipping E3 2020 that's a rumor in the wall speaker series X may not have while it won't have any exclusive games for the first course is very interesting parallels to draw from that in relation to what we typically know with house on the handles their first party games in their exclusives starting up there this year and there were three separate sources when I confirming but stayed in that from what they've heard so many does not have any plans whatsoever to be at E3 2018 2019 as initially shocking is that was to a lot of people on it even caught me off-guard but when you let the news settle in and understand that there was really nothing for them to show any through 2019 which at the time trials really realistically go to that show with this expectation of how Sony usually is there any manufacturer that shows up to E3 any publisher that shows up to eat free people had these really weird applications that they want a beautiful mind blowing show with all these exclusive games Rock and left and right but for the time in 2019 Sony just simply crying the same for game over and over and over at the time would have been death stranding days gone Last of Us Part 2 ghost of tsushima I guess you could lump dreams in there as well these are the same game that we had been out going two years prior to that you know 2018 and 17 so they just couldn't go again in 2019 but even then when I was discussing that news I had mentioned will surely will be for 2020 that's a brand new Harbor launch states that the are there hearing this from just one of them says they were hearing from multiple sources so we'll just call that more than one then another one is coming from wedbush Morgenstern because of his predictions you're not being fair to claim that he doesn't have actual connections and is inside the industry so he's hearing that Sunny won't be attending the show not a prediction hearing so take that for what it is and then the site is also claiming that the Xbox pressure won't be there so it's also kind of assumed that there that they have an idea of an inside notion that Sony won't be attending the show so at the very least two different sources of Yeti 3 2020 which it is significant because when you really think about it 2020 is where we have PlayStation 5 not an appropriate place to show up to E3 and bring your brand new console their show up all the trash and whatnot I mean that kind of tells you that they have a completely different way to present their titles moving forward I sure they could hold the World Press event sure which they're going to do at some point we'll have a separate meeting just like PS word in 2013 that'll be the initial review E3 2020 where you would have more announcements a further look at the U Y A further explanation of feature is what's going to be there day one. There's a lot of things were not going to get the during the initial reveal that's why I actually another conference is quite important so when you're skipping E3 2020 not even just for the Press, they're always held off site they're always held like a day before the actual trade show take the show floor is very important Sony buys up a massive amount of space they almost always bought the most space on the show floor for public demos for people will not public it was press and now it's public trial there's a lot of Q&A with the price I mean we get a lot of information in 2020 brand new piece of Hardware kind of tells you that they are they must have a dramatically different approach to how they want to present the console moving forward and if deal with the console launch I mean there has to be Hands-On demo is there has to be these these Q&A is there aren't there has to be this back-and-forth we're going to have to find a more meaningful way to
convey information Beyond just stayed up last ate a play only get you so far it's a tough Place great
one major announcement of the end of we gotten used to their hands full in terms of trying to make the show Lost on in 2019 they bought a bunch of floor space now they might not have them there again there's a problem really it's more of an E3 problem cuz of a brand new Harbor lost more of a problem for them Sony still going to sound funny PlayStation 5 information moving forward because state of play a 20-minute video blog posts spoon-fed information from either wired or whoever else they decide how much they want to hold a whole another press conference outside of the initial reveal but at that point you could have just done that at E3 where I mean more buzzed around the games industry is already happening in the same amount of money and resources to to book a building book and Amphitheater a bunch of space food drinks I mean you might even have a larger overhead than turn yourself down just a little bit weird to me I'm not sure if I totally forgot until this trial is Microsoft's very interesting how much relating to their first party games move forward on Xbox series X and Xbox One and PC the head of Xbox game Studios map booty had this play to MCV two years all of our games sort of like PC will play it happened down that family of devices we want to make sure that if someone invest in Xbox between now and series packs that they feel they made a good investment and that we're committed to them with content so this, it was actually pretty upsetting for a few reasons especially through might be crippled because it has to be on the outgoing platform for well into two years and you know what a surprising, but at the same time it's not as you always expect a very small amount of completely exclusive games of that platform and it's just not it's not abnormal it's totally expect to encourage a brand new hardware purchase it would just be weird and you'd never see very how's your head this is an extra it looks great I would have expected one or two titles completely completely exclusive series I will not really it also be available on PC but it would certainly ditch Xbox one so nothing surprising we know what they're doing and this is what I'd really discussed quite a good length during which outlined why the why those two Services really shouldn't be compared because they actually go into a completely different directions if you really start to think about it one of them being mainly streaming service that rotating selection premium Sony games I guess we'll call them for now ride those big AAA games are really about a year 2 years old Sony wants to go for the initial investment of those. Scripture numbers at a larger more aggressive scale they're handing out a bunch of titles out but still a list that's completely just download those games only play for example but they're not capitalizing Tony's not capitalizing on that stuff at least right now not nearly as much as Microsoft's doing it's just a completely different strategy and if you're in the Xbox ecosystem you want to be convinced to buy a series acts with a game that's specifically designed on the series X although this kind of makes me really think about at least I know that will be a platform really think about this this will be the only platform that is going to head games completely we that's the very minimum of a title means that the game can be designed around that aspect of the read write speeds it just seems much more exciting than the resolution frame rate on a 64 they're going to look beautiful we are intimate blowing but then again who knows what song is going to be doing with all of their first party stuff we all know naughty dog likes to go absolutely crazy I'm sure Sony Santa Monica and Grill are going to impress as well when it comes graphical Fidelity but I want to see games designed to eat when you have the in the past 10 years of games honestly have been actually a quite crippled by those very slow HDD PS3 and then how annoying it is for a lot of third-party developers that have to work on all these platforms with all these bearing restrictions and so when you look at the the table right trial next-gen they're going to be releasing game and every single platform they're not going to ignore the big install base of PS4 and Xbox One so we're still going to be having a minimum htd level for a while on that front Microsoft game studios now we know that there are still going to be taken with an HDD minimum but different territory where game scale well beyond what they normally do on Console right it's no platform so that's what I mean Sony games at least what it appears right now will be the only games that have completely designing their games around that aspect and I think that's why we've been hearing the very slight rumors take it with a pinch of salt but the rumors suggesting that Sony's marketing will play n2deep no loading times Mantra no loading time start your games when I ever really quick this and that this is why they demoed Spider-Man just with low times within a second so I think very simple thing almost instantaneous that can translate to every single game across the board for all these problem basically just if it's still on this what's a the GameStop PS4 X1 you're stuck with long long time right but again design completely around that aspect of SSD I think there's a lot of different design on Wednesday we weren't really afford it in the last well over a decade of playing games with her I'm not I'm a creative type but I'm not a developer trying to see what some of these really high caliber developers and Publishers do if they are given this this tunnel vision of like hey this is your project your minimum as you have that SSD now you have all this horsepower than we previously had before so the the roof is now the ceilings now trays that much higher even with Anaconda coming at 9:10 Xbox Live card I know people are still concerned about that reportedly such a low entry point for next-gen that's Microsoft's a strategy and I think it might actually be a good one if they can get does nomenclature down and doesn't confuse consumers but the fact that across-the-board has it really there's a lot more give when it comes to something down or up when you just you just take a head out of foliage framerate draw distance all this stuff right you can do when it comes to this closed environment of a console so I don't think it's nearly as big of a deal for this notion that Lockhart my bog down next-gen releases if anything it's at you would have to wait until turn off Xbox One support which that's what Matt Boutique Lambs about a 2 years and of the series X life cycle that will be a point where I would hope that Microsoft game studios move completely on over to I series access Xbox PlayStation 4 I would be pretty surprised if anything else comes out on PS4 and Playstation but to Circle back to the starting point of conversation Microsoft going to matter where they are really shouldn't bother you too much enjoy it and any time I go soft mix of sale from an Xbox game Studio game keeps them in business right that's good show me another hand just stole Corp gaming business ecosystem they're still testing the water of native PC releases I'm sure they're still Bill still be pushing Playstation download revitalized at some way when they talk more about business that all eventually baby on the console cuz I still want to stay in the industry releases of these High Caliber games that they can still sell way in Mass to what they would be at they're giving away PlayStation now that concludes never really calls for it to say you really love long conversations but then there's another spectrum that says these videos don't need to be that long so everybody but will try to find a good balance again if it's not a regular Tuesday meal plan I'm just coming back to this coming Wednesday so you have another day off that's three this week cuz that will still be here on Friday for let's talk PlayStation watch them be no news so I just did all these long conversations now and there's nothing on Friday watch I'm sure it will take up something to talk about I'll see you on Wednesday and Friday for PlayStation trial trial trials