Sony Finally Talks About PlayStation 5 On Stage & Controller Leaked PS5 News

Trials Trial Trial Trial The director of God of War of course all the Vegas to attend the show but he
was nowhere to be seen the during the Sony press conference there are still some interesting pieces of evil mansion that we can take away from the Sony show window with more information from us in the following months and we also have a gas leak that shows the Neil but familiar PlayStation 5 controller so want to go in-depth on that I like on the video I be really appreciated let's go Eevee got a pretty cool new 2025 trailer from CS Showcase in the upcoming PS4 exclusives including ghost of tsushima it's a mix between gameplay and cinematic footage turn on predictive looking at that also new trailer the loss of this far to get some screen time and we saw a guy who can I play games like I never used to go told her that way trigger sand the face buttons and all at the same time really really fast so impressive but anyway it's a cool reminder that the PlayStation 4 is gone will the bank and then at the end of the year we have the PlayStation 5 lb of course I already knew these features already but we never saw them like this on one screen 3D audio isn't course already pressing on the PS4 but you have to buy like a dedicated headset in a PS5 it should be like more bake thin so we could always going to hear where things are coming from on the ride from the left may be above us I use a 3DS at once I was pretty impressed the second and also look at the league controller we've course got the ultra high-speed trial that you load are games like in less than a second we've course at this famous Spider-Man comparison with the PS5 then called the next gen console vs the PS4 Pro that was not the same level in 8 seconds but the other thing you can also be used to do random things extremely fast so maybe that means The Weeknd speed up the way we'd refers to Horizon 2 you like their water park where you could like got to fly in your eyes that I should see right here but I want the real thing I want to ride the storm burden with the power of the Blazing 5 I totally think that it's possible hardware-based to Ray tracing will be part of the PS5 and it should not lightning way more realistic I always like to Showcase his Watch Dogs example where he's he's like their reflection on the bottles of the street and environments are just way more lively with Ray tracing and upcoming games will be coming to the place I bought old raggedy blue racer Ford was actually told me how much is missing from the PS4 Pro because the Xbox One X have the feature so this will now be included with the PS5 and then let's go back to the haptic feedback and the Adaptive trigger so that is in regards to Roller and it was actually leave the day off so yes 20/20 by a so-called cleaner this is a good luck at the new design that is very similar to the PS4 controller you only know this that the term that it's now flat and it's also suggested that the slide bar of the PS4 controller how to present any more info from the most reasons why article they went Hands-On with the controller they noted that the speaker's overall be improved with comparison as well as foes did by Fiji 24/7 on the left you see the place that lines up with the league picture and it shows us the slightly smaller snakes would that be peed my pants are you basically got varied resistance based on the service of your character inside the game so since you feel slow and sluggish while on Ice Age should really feel like character is gliding chairs are slightly bigger than we saw with the dealership for and you should go hand-in-hand with the Adaptive triggers that's only will be in Blanding so shooting a bow in the game feels different than shooting a gun they are ditching the export next to the head on Jack and this is used for like the PlayStation 4 charging stations and the keyboard accessory so I guess that you cannot use that on the PS5 controller another hold our next to the headphone jack some are speculating that this might be for a microphone for an AI assistant but your theories are more than welcome and we look forward too revealing more details including the content that will showcase the platform and the future of gaming yes in the months before Eve and I really can't wait for that one tweet because at one point we should expect something similar Dizzy Wright and my boyfriend said that they have more info to share about their PS5 in the spring of 2020 and also that they would be alongside the PlayStation 5 every step of the way spring starts March 21st. So I hope that we get to see the place to buy perlier but yeah we will really have to wait and see still holding my fingers crossed for February 28th to go as a thousand recording and almost has four million lights while the Playstation Instagram account has 22 million followers as we also learned that there are now a hundred 6 million PS4 salt meaning that around 40 million were sold in 2019 according to Daniel L Metts on Twitter 1.15 billion PS4 games were sold five psvr units today to wear so pretty good for a VR device and are on their 3 million monthly active users across all the PlayStation devices and almost 40 million people being like 5 to $7 per month to get PlayStation Plus do the math it's pretty insane we had a PS4 sales are slowing down if you look at the 2019 so the places you bypass the pick up steam again 4.2 million PS4s result in a month-and-a-half time when the PS4 launched on November 5th 2014 Blazers v e x e. I think if Sony has enough of them in stock where we know more about the next gen console out of course reported here on the play survive and the games that will be coming of course really curious the song Gospel and I was only is really banking hearts on this trials