What is SEO? Tutorial | Step By Step SEO Search Engine Optimization
Hello fear W Skippack and today we know what is a c e stands for search engine optimization sto
isn't only marketing technique which helps you to bring your website on top in search engine results trial QuiBids when user types of words on search engine to find out something these words are known as keyboards an estimated 75% of internet website search engines like Google Yahoo and Bing now let's come back to the Bone what's the real definition of keyword likes a triangle have an emergency like say you have an emergency Department of Revenue website and he wanted to have a web site then what next you were going to do you make a searchable Google that I require a website development company trial so this this is a war which I'm crafting is actually arrives in my mind and this is the word which because it's my apartment so I'm searching for this actually is real a keyboard now once I carve this keyboard and searching Google Google will you send me a page all the companies was actually dealing in website development in a particular page where I can find different companies measure case over here the reason behind cam on top of the search engine just because that it has LSU optimized contained images titles matter tax and all the things been placed over here as well as you optimize in order so that when I search for any keyword that is website development because it is their product is there a double scoop Explorer Explorer website development Google has represented your page and on bad it has arisen me W stupid as a sus2 make your website with specific keyword which a normal user search for so that I can come on top results on can get a higher ranking in search engines like Google Yahoo trial no baby uses you as I given you a brief Interruption done as you is been used so that you can get your product or higher on the search engines like Google Yahoo and Bing and other reasons are likely increase visibility also changes like say I have drafted a search that is upside down open company in jodhpur so Google has sweetest reason so when these websites are doing good in s u i mean placing good content good key words relating to their products in dryer of search engines like Google Yahoo and Bing and making them as a coming on top of charged engine other reasons trial are the results are like traffic on your website traffic stands for I was a normal user and I searched cannabis company in Jaipur and I've been pleased to this website to this Wiesel page and I get to and I opted for this website and I landed on this website that is, so proper technique of s u in that contain what is normal music going to do they were going to search and they were going to see the 1st coming result because in their opinion that will be a good run this website is drink website has been coming on the top of the search results and trial once I landed on this website, user to this website and I'm increasing the traffic so backed Julian ID user for this line for this website like me many peoples been going to search for a different keyboard of this website's products and they're going to land on this website trying whatever the number of users going to land on this website is actually considered as traffic this website coming back drawings of s u convert a local business into International now coming back to this this website running an online website is running and Company in the drawer now since they have good website with good contain with good as you propose cable and everything now they're coming up on the result now what they're doing they have already branded their value on the international market Savannah at user search from anywhere and far is Pacific City this result Page Builder and this website where you going to appear on the top result which truck is this website is running its value on the internet Market higher and on International Market branding Mexican party music easy way to show your business as Ron now you can already seen that the music group that is comforting the music repair company is coming on top result for the keyword search for me it's already so so giving me a good brand for a normal user if a website or company coming on the top search engine results actually means for me as a good brand or a good company to be intimate so that I can trust and I can offer them might requirement trial next comes trius comes ASU process as to process is actually about many aspects like business goal Target keyboard Eliza's orphanage optimization optimization submit website and monitor and maintain this complete cycle is a stand for a slow process now what is business goal or Target like VTech V take an example of the music that is a website company and what is their achievement or their target as you plant business goal is that a good ranking on search engines and get a good exposure on International Market so this company has already made their business go to Target in order to come on top of the search engine and Target is to achieve the right or the ideal client like me who was actually searching for them and they're coming on the top of the search engine result in the proper way so that the user like me comes on this way they can find out the right keyboard and they can use they can land and get the purple sword on optimization switch Billy going to come back later videos with more detail or details about them so that it will enhance your knowledge about boobies process now keyword analysis been done done with on page and office automation next thing, this to submit the website on search engines like Google Yahoo Bing so that it can come in there that is strings can capture the information being placed on this web site and canvas play in a vise matter to a normal user who were actually searching for the keyword search for example Bengals the last option strategy is complete and utter at the last see I have made the plans I have to have done bent diesel value for that so I have two more than my plan weather this plan is working for me or not if not then I need to change my strategy goal Target giveaway Eliza zombies and send me the website again to search engines so that it can give me a ride so this is all about the brief introduction or and assure you that you will be coming with more information about Su its technology being used and its proper execution for your further information you can always visit our Facebook page. Google please visit our YouTube channel page and page and you can add us there for more further information also you can find this introductory video on my YouTube channel that is youtube.com CW skip that way you can find Hindi version of this video and you can enhance your knowledge in that language so straighten and we'll be coming back to to you with more information thank you so much for your time trials Tri Lo again okay okay yes the Crowd Goes Wild all right so my name is artem. And Beyonce my Foreigner I've been living in Finland now soon 20 years I recently moved from St Petersburg Russia by promise you I come in peace all right so I want to tell you about a few things that I really am passionate about them that is online marketing and specially search engine optimization so I want to give you a quick I guess that's fast and loose with the work week but we'll see how it goes quick crash course in search engine optimization and maybe provide a few reasons why should you even care all right so as usually a little bit of introduction I guess every guest lecture has provided some sort of background about her or himself I'll give you a little bit about mine so when I came to Finland I had access to a lot of computers you know since grade school or something in Finland people are working computers about that but I didn't want to play games or something like this I wanted to create programs and obviously if you're in grade school you know you want to do something fun so I started with creating viruses so my viruses were really smart and really good the infected computers of our computer class and gave me access I called it Nirvana my first ever created virus I called it in the Rana and what it did is once it's infected the computer it gave me Direct Control of the computer so every time I inhale weed affect the computer says hey I'm online and then I could direct the computer either a mini computer then they started to form a group and then the group said hey you know where group number 47 wear online so that was pretty Russian of me right anyway what I didn't do anything bad or anything just everytime I just he's my teacher so every time there was a computer class or something and he was or she was he not teaching us to Bolt Bus, I was like let's put a poor and signed up you know and then picture goes not like oh my God you know this know that they just keep the computer you know and I'm like oh yeah that's what power is all about anyway my career so so to speak in eliminate the criminal career was really short-lived my computer teacher decided that it's better to you know put my bring me to the light side so to speak so he made me a system administrator in our school and that's how I got into servers and programming basically he directed my efforts to good and not evil that's how I got into listen this thing called internet try and anybody can go on the internet and create something and then it can be seen by millions of people so I'm being all things went forward and I from great school I went to HighSchool I went to computer one and you know things are really good my grades were really awesome now that I'm be the older I know that you know but at that time I was really pushing for good grades and I got a lot of scholarship stuff you know got some money Veneno but then I started to dig deeper into programming and you know to my maybe shame at this point now that I'm older I got really traveling to animal so how many of you can watch diver Japanese animation yes okay okay you and Gary it raised his hand so now we know anyway anyway I got really into that and I thought hey you know I want to go first when I started creating websites it was really basic you know it just was about me you know welcome to my home page piano and I had a friend that will still have one of my dearest friends and we had a competition you know who is better and then you know he put blinking text on his you know website then I pulled you know another bigger blinking text and so forth and it was really pointless but at some point I decided hey it'd be great if I started you know crazy website crashing cuz then maybe we know it will be worth something to somebody nobody cares about me but a lot of people care about Japanese animation here I thought it was really good but then I realized that you know if you know somebody came and actually you know visiting my website that it wasn't just me and my friend so marketing that's the first time I ever you know I had to do something with marketing and you know my small side and a few years later grew into a side that was I think one of the biggest sites in the world than a song category and I had almost half a million registered users on the side and basically lived off the Google money so I put ads on my side and then Google paid me for the clicks and so forth and I sponsored my friends is alcoholic habits during weekend with that money Missouri little I promise you know all of the sudden I created something out of nothing and it was actually making money and so far that it was such a wonderful experience such a great thing that I didn't really care about school after that I would like to school wherever I have 10 people in my team all over the world we're doing is great thing you know philosophy whatever so I try to keep the school maybe 3 to 6 months at a time you know my grades went from me no eight point something or 9 to barely seven in in in in high school so anyway after that barely graduating from from there I decided that the you know I went to University and I had a pleasure of sleeping at some of the really good lectures in all the university and after that I decided that it's just not for me if I want to do this thing called Web then University's not really for me my idea was if you want to do it is such a you like incredibly fast-paced world you know something that happened you know two weeks from now is old so how could University help me and I saw the tape I wanted to create my own business I always dreamed of becoming intrapreneur when I was really little I wanted to be either a businessman trying to keep man again very Russian army right it's all stereotypes I don't drink vodka and so forth I watched a lot of movies and you know those guys were the best the mafiaoza guys and the businessman guy leaving look the same anyway I decided to pursue this career you know what to say, and the company in 2010 and Michael getting in itself is strong much intertwined with technology you cannot do online marketing unless you have small at least understanding of technology and there is a lot of things that you know have to be mixed technology-wise with marketing in order to do really well so I formed a company I started a company called Boomerang you know low in 2010 and now we're operating in Finland and in Russia we just recently opened an office in Russia and things been going pretty well we have very small clients to very large client so you know in Russia for example we have Ministry of culture Brenda you know some of the biggest realtor real yeah companies that sell bicycle properties embroidering in Russia and then in Finland we have things like you know also scalped by and some other being all ski resorts pretty much any ski resort in Finland in South Park truly love it I have also other startups besides my own company that has some other things and I got involved in a lot of things that I do so you know when people ask me where do I work always say this is where the money comes from but then there is this that these days and these projects and I'm thinking about that and there is this going on and do some planning phase and least fundraising you know for me I think it's wonderful it's wonderful it's such an interesting field basically web and is going to change a lot and we're just in the beginning of it so there's going to be a lot of opportunities you know since I love it that's what I want to do maybe closer to the topic before you guys start leaving so there is a Pareto Principle that says you know 80% of the effect comes from roughly 20% of the effort so my idea today is to give you that 20% show you what is search engine optimization at its core and provide you some really basic things that you can do in order to improve search engine ranking for possibly your website your clients website your future company whatever okay how many of you have Googled yourself okay how many of you have Googled your Dino upcoming date yes good do you see there's a lot of growth opportunity you know there is even a nap you know there is a joke you know that there's an app for that in us there is an app where you can put the name of the dates that you're going to meet for the first time today or something and it shows it you know tax records criminal records and so forth so if you want to bring that to Finland there you know tax information is easy no public information so imagine women and now there is no face detection everything so she could just take a selfie with him you know like like oh yeah you know let's take a selfie and then he's like over million in income last year anyway so maybe closer back to the topic when we use search engines we search for you know but then she'll you know employers we search for products we searched for whatever what are the things that affect the search results if we get one is the Quarry type so Google has put a lot of effort and when I talk about Google we have some foreign students here for example and non example would be Russia where Google is not even number one there are many other search engines besides Google that really popular thereby do the Rye Yandex you know tons of them but the general principle is the same so depending on the query type search engine Peaks what type of results it gives you an example if you if you never know if you never try that you could try sometime and Fulton Google timer 20 minutes and it will start a timer you can put a flight number and it will give you a flight information and for example here I try to search for award called alien definitely one of my favorite movies of all time so Google quickly decided that the movie is probably what I'm referring to so this flight information about the movie right away so the Quarry type that way I'm putting you know if it's for example somebody's name Google tries to figure out if it's if it's for example something public figure and then provides information about the person salt that's one of the things that impacts your location if you go on Google and you search for best restaurant just best restaurant they will show you restaurants and you know good restaurants in for example Dubai or somewhere so Google knows your location from your IP address and from your settings on and so forth so you know that's one thing then there is authorship and before search engine optimization was easy and I will tell you my story but anyway the thing is is that try on the way that Google revolutionized search engine field was really simple but again very complex you know before Google came on Dino online started working and providing search results way used to know there were other search engines but what Google Founders came about is an algorithm I think.0.. I I much less it was you a of Thor to decide by Lee that you know what links from other website trial so this is the core of the way the Google work at least many years ago now the algorithm has been much much much more complex very very different much more sophisticated than this you know if you have four million links you'll have an authority if you have another website that had you know hundred links it has less Authority and then quality came into in a question you know not every link is the same and so forth and so forth but basically links tell a lot about the authority that you have online so do you guys know about the miserable failure thing then the Google balm okay so you remember ride the elections I think it was the second term that Bush was going for and people we're really upset about you know going into office again for whatever reason people decide to do something kind of funny you know and kind of shoulder dislike for the president so what they did is they kind of talk each other by Masters and they decided to pay let's link to White House page about George W bush with the with the text miserable failure so once they did in a once twice in a row then 1,000 times 10000 times 100 times 100000 times after that if you search Taylor this the place to go so you search for that and you went to George W bush page and when the white house so I can change that you know like a Google you know we don't like that Google said sorry it's an algorithm that's how it works but then they make changes to the algorithm in order to prevent that so it doesn't work anymore like that before so links grade alarm for you online and another way to establish Authority is to display information about the author there is a meta tag and some stuff you can do in order to say that okay I am Martin Donelan's I wrote this and then Google can give you a little bit of more Authority depending on how much you ride than content until 4 but basically you know Authority impact results and your social graph this is cool scary don't know but you know you have friends well at least some of you and some of you have even friends online WooHoo for you Salt N Google knows about your friends for example if you use Twitter I like your profile if you tell Google about your Facebook page you can always about possibly friend that you have there if you use Gmail you know Google Now is a little bit more about you so far so far is Google Plus Google can personalize results based on what your friends are doing so this is Google trying to be helpful saying like hey you know your friend like this restaurant you know so when you search for best restaurant in Outlook for example you could display information that you're afraid friend indicated that this is good in real life you ask your friend do you know what's the best restaurant in probably will receive some reply and you trust that the bit more than just random reply from somebody else okay so your profile that definitely impacts your results so you know there's been a lot of talk about basically when you create a profile Google basically puts a lot of information there and try to track a then understand then you know Google is reading your mail and so forth and so forth obviously it's not somebody that has nothing else to do in his life and just go through mail and like you know my man will be so boring is just cats and the related stuff not really interested but still you know he wants to learn about you the more I know the better and obviously that is the information that Google can leverage for ads okay so and your past Behavior I remember one client was one of the best moments so I remember one client you know he's a arts and you know you told me that the search engine optimization is hard but I did it and I like woah cool tell me more he's like you know I went on a search for email service online and we were number three and then I clicked a lot and it became number one and he's like I did it I don't need you I will keep my money so anyway I what happened these Dino Google realize that way I can save him some time and put this up for him since he always clicks it but it only works for him only when he was logged in Google was trying to be helpful to know that he found out the way too cheap Google but again that's at least you know brought some light to my afternoon so what is SEO search engine optimization and I will try to break it down a little and then we'll go into the fundamentals of SEO and then maybe we can talk more or what we'll see how interested you guys in the topic search engine optimization the goal of search engine optimization is to get high quality traffic from search engines so you know a lot of talk is that there's a lot of talk about the social-media I mean that's the sex scene you trend and I always say like well yeah social media is cool but when you want to buy a new TV do you go on Facebook and search for like Samsung LED panel really cheap or you know if you want to find in a like a pear dresser or something do you go on Facebook and search for like really good care dresser Google is still the king if you want to actually find something online and social media is very different and they're not necessarily you know one isn't necessarily better than another they just support each other but if I have a service that I want a cell just I mean just adjusting sales I want to get high quality traffic which means it's people that's really want to see information that I want to provide them want to see my services and search engine is definitely one of the one of the best ways to do it so yeah well let's say you know breakdown the word well the sentence so search for something they are searching for a solution that very rarely people understand this but if you want to have some fun later on you can go on Google trans it's a free service by Google and you can see which are the most Finland for 2013 on a thing one of the most popular was Queen Esther how to understand a woman so you know people are really seeking solution for that problem okay search for a solution so when you provide when you think about search engine optimization you have to think about how I can solve somebody's problem example before going to be really really easily solved but still in other cases we can be more helpful so engine that is another word we need to understand engine is a machine and at Google it's a very complex machine nowadays we're talking about Dino billions probably of dollars you know and research and development testing and so forth so we need to understand that Google wouldn't be Google or some other search engine wouldn't be what it is today unless there was a machine that made all the decisions so we have to realize that machine has an algorithm algorithm has a pattern and if we basically tweak our content to fit in that pattern then we optimize it and the last word optimization it's ongoing problem it's not something you do wants and you forget I can tell you one very good example Google makes rollouts of new algorithm every whatever few months do you know just wait like for a judgment day when the new algorithm update comes because when you algorithm update comes it changes the pattern and it goes through the website pushes it through the pattern and then changes the results before you are number one for women's clothes turn now your number 479 which is basically nothing so the algorithm is changing all the time and that's why the things that I'm going to talk about today are not in a quick tricks that you can do but something that they know is fundamental but something that will never change process trial so here I can tell the storage in SC a world there is a term called black hat and white hat and no it's not about clothes and apparel Black Cat memes you try to manipulate search engine into giving you a better ranking than you deserve so you trying to basically freaked it and why cat means you play by the rules and you try to get the you know search engine ranking improved but you do it in the way that you can just walk up so you know see you on Google and say hey we do this and he's like a good job very good so I can tell you a story when I was in high school wanted to earn a little bit extra cash I started the website where I sold Amazon DVDs I don't know if you know but I'm has on has an affiliate program basically they give you a special link send people through that link to Amazon anything they buy you get 10% or whatever I don't remember very simple I thought hey I will be stupid not to take advantage of such a great opportunity sit on my ass and do nothing and just get the money's so anyway I open the website where I basically what I did is I link to reviews and so forth with the suggestions for movies and then put links to Amazon I shall be hey there because I'm finding all movies that interested they can see related movies they can read reviews and stuff like this and then you can buy the movie on DVD and I get the money's improve the world you know so that work for a little bit I got in a few Euros well dollars here and there and then the search engine optimization is really cool I could do something you know