Sony announces the launch of the famous Days Of Play campaign.

 Sony announces the launch of the famous Days Of Play campaign.


This popular sale will be back before the end of this month

Sony confirmed that the famous annual Days Of Play sale will also return this year, to be launched after a few days, so what can we expect from discounts or even ads or free gifts..?

When Sony announced the launch of the Days Of Play discount campaign last year, it was immediately accompanied by the announcement of a bundle of the same name for the PlayStation 4 Slim. .

Sony confirmed that the campaign will start from next Wednesday, May 25 and will continue until June 8, but it did not reveal the elements and titles that will be included in the campaign.

Last year's sales were so good that big games like Spider-Man Miles Morales and Sackboy Adventure got big discounts, along with a host of other games shared between PlayStation 4 and 5.

This year's discounts are also expected to be large and witness special discounts on exclusive, joint or third-party titles, especially since the number of games that were released was a lot, so be prepared to seize opportunities and get your favorite titles at the cheapest prices.

Of course, keep a permanent launch with us to view these discounts as soon as they are officially available from Sony, but currently, tell us about the titles that you want to buy when you get a price reduction.