8 Best Web Hosting Companies in 2022 (Cheapest Prices)

 Hosting your site on a good and reliable web hosting is a very important and sensitive step, and if implemented well it will give your site a good boost forward, or at the very least it will avoid many potential obstacles and problems.

So I can say that your bewilderment is quite normal, and the time you spend searching for the best web hosting is well invested.

Throughout my ten years of working online… I used many hosting companies, including the most famous companies in the market such as HostGator and Bluehost.

In fact, this has gained me a lot of experience in dealing with hosting companies, how to choose the best one, and what factors should be taken into account when choosing a hosting for my site…etc.

In addition, I am a good follower of the web hosting market, I follow company news with interest, and I always try to know the advantages and disadvantages of each hosting.

Today I intend to transfer all the experience of these years to you on a plate of gold, in an orderly manner and with all the details you need in order to choose the most suitable hosting for you and your special circumstances, and I will do my best to make you make the decision to purchase hosting with complete confidence.

Note: My goal in this article is not only to provide a list of the best hosting companies to choose from, driven by your confidence in the winners, but my goal is also to make you understand what hosting companies are, how to evaluate them, their types, and all the information you need to make your decision on the right basis of understanding and awareness… So you should read the entire article.

Article table of contents

Best Web Hosting Companies (Giant List 2022)

1. bluehost . hosting

2. HostGator Hosting

3. DreamHost Hosting

4. iPage Hosting


6. InMotion Hosting

7. Hostinger . Hosting

8. GreenGeeks Hosting

3 other alternative hosts to consider

1. SiteGround Hosting

2. HostMonster . Hosting

3. GoDaddy Hosting

The most important factors for choosing a web hosting

1. Cost

2. Support service

3. Efficiency

4. Features

5. Security

6. Tools provided by the hosting company to its users

Most common web hosting questions and answers

What is hosting?

What is a server?

What are the types of hosting?

What is the best foreign web hosting?

What is a domain name?

What is Bandwidth?

What is an SSL Certificate?

What is wordpress?

What are WordPress hosting and what is the best WordPress hosting?

Are there articles in the winners that help me build my site and make it easier for me?

Best Web Hosting Companies (Giant List 2022)

Below I will list the best global hosting companies for you, and I will include as many details and information about each company, so that you have the information and points you want to help you make your decision on the basis of my knowledge and understanding.

After completing the list, you will find me adding to you the factors and criteria for choosing hosting companies and an explanation of each of them, and I will answer many questions that may come to your mind about choosing a hosting company for your site, and I will explain some concepts that you may need to understand, and I will put in your hands a set of sources for articles Others are in the winners to make your site's success journey easier and simpler.

1. bluehost . hosting

bluehost . hosting

Bluehost is one of the most famous and most important companies that provide web hosting services, and it is considered the most famous and best ever in the world of hosting, and it is an ancient company with a long history spanning twenty years… It was established in 2003, and it is an American company by the way.

In addition to the fact that Blue Host is an American company and has users everywhere in the world, it is also one of the most used hosting companies by Egyptians and Arabs in general, so you will find many explanations about this company in Arabic if you need to.

This company hosts more than 2 million websites around the world, so it is considered a company with a high level of competence, trust and assurance. It has a good support system and includes an instant chat to solve your problem in real time if you get stuck.

Bluehost hosting has an easy and simple control panel that you can deal with without any complexity, and it has a lot of packages and packages that fit any website or online store.

When we talk about WordPress, Bluehost hosting is deservedly on the throne of the best hosting, due to the facilities, features and tools it provides for those who want to make their sites through WordPress.

It is worth noting that the official WordPress website nominates Bluehost hosting as the first choice out of 3 hosts it nominates (which are Blue Host, Dreamhost, and Siteground).

الترجمة طويلة جدًا ولا يمكن حفظها.
Here is some important information about Bluehost hosting: You can get started with them for only $2.95 per month. Free domain for one year. Storage space 50 GB. The bandwidth is unlimited. Number of sites on the same package: One site (here we are talking about the cheapest package, but there are other packages that allow you to make more than one site). Free SSL Certificate. 30 day money back guarantee. Book Bluehost hosting now at the best price 2. HostGator Hosting HostGator . Hosting Well-known hosting; It is one of the oldest and most important hosting companies in the world, and is most famous for its distinctive cartoon alligator shape (which looks a lot like a crocodile with a few minor differences anyway hehehe). HostGator's slogan is that hosting upgrades from the easy level to the professional level, and this means that it offers packages for all levels of websites and online stores, and you can start with it with the simplest and cheapest packages, and if your site grows and reaches the level of professional sites that thousands of visitors enter daily, you will find packages that suit you. Hostgator hosting has more than 2 million users too, it includes successful and famous websites, blogs, and e-commerce stores from all over the world, and Hostgator customers enjoy the benefits of fast and professional technical support, and they have a top-level team that is constantly developing the platform and adding more improvements to it. HostGator hosting offers many types of hosting, they have shared hosting at the base of the pyramid, they have Dedicated Hosting, and among them are many other hostings, and each hosting of course comes with different plans and packages, and of course it has hosting for websites WordPress. Here is some important information about HostGator hosting: Pricing starts at $2.75 per month. Free domain for one year with all plans. Free SSL Certificate. Storage capacity is unlimited. Unlimited email accounts. Free service for moving websites from other hosts. 45-day money-back guarantee. Bandwidth is unlimited. Book HostGator hosting now at the best price 3. DreamHost Hosting DreamHost . Hosting I've never used this hosting myself before, but I put it in my giants list for a lot of reasons. One of them is that the official WordPress website nominates it as one of the 3 best companies (along with Bluehost and Siteground) for hosting WordPress sites. It also has a lot of advantages, such as giving you a free domain when you buy annually, and it has a strong and unique support system. Also, if you do not like the service during the first 3 months, you can get your money back, and it also gives you unlimited hosting in terms of the number of visitors. Dreamhost hosting is characterized by quality and always raises the slogan of quality in everything that it offers. It has very flexible plans, and it represents an excellent choice for emerging sites that need large resources and have a large number of visitors. I have Dreamhost hosting packages and plans for WordPress sites, and they offer dedicated and ready-to-work WordPress hosting without any settings from you. Dreamhost hosting is also characterized by being fast and stable hosting, so choosing it will give your site a healthy load in the users’ browsers, and of course this will give it an advantage in the eyes of search engines. Here is some important information about Dreamhost hosting: Pricing starts at $2.95 for the cheapest shared hosting package available. Free domain with all packages and plans. Unlimited traffic (that is, your site will not stop with more visits). Free SSL Certificate. Data transfer capacity is unlimited. Book Dreamhost hosting now at the best price 4. iPage Hosting
iPage Hosting is one of the oldest and most respected hosts in the internet world, and it is one of the hosts that has a significant market share and is trusted by many clients with successful websites. iPage hosting is one of the cheapest hosting ever, and when we put the features and advantages it provides to its users, it literally takes the title of the best hosting with the fairest prices. The motto of iPage hosting is that it will give you all the features, tools and features you need to start appearing online. Behind this logo lies a lot of features and features, for example, the website builder that it provides, which of course provides a ready-to-work add-on for WordPress sites. Here is some important information about iPage hosting: Pricing starts at $1.99. You can use hosting to build an unlimited number of websites. Free SSL Certificate. Free domain for one year. Unlimited data storage. Free check of website files to make sure they are free of viruses. Book ipage hosting now at the best price 5. A2HOSTING HOSTING A2HOSTING . HOSTING Great web hosting in every sense of the word, I haven't tried it myself, but I have friends who have tried it and prefer it over others. Offers the possibility to return the funds paid any time you decide to terminate your account. They have a distinguished support service and provide support through instant chat and phone call as well. Coincidentally, today A2Hosting is celebrating its 18th birthday, and that is why it offers exceptional offers and prices. But more importantly, this indicates its success, its slumber and the quality of its services (otherwise, why has it been in the market for 18 years?). One of the most famous features of this hosting is the speed and good performance of the sites it hosts, and in order to achieve this, it uses the best types of servers and storage units, and this really makes it an excellent choice for anyone who wants a fast site with excellent performance. Here is some important information about A2Hosting: Prices start at just $1.99 (this is a special price for her 18th birthday). The cheapest package comes with the ability to operate one website through it. Anytime money back guarantee. Data storage 100 GB. Free SSL Certificate. Free website transfer service from other hosts. There is no free domain. Book A2Hosting now at the best price 6. InMotion Hosting InMotion Hosting In Motion Hosting is one of the big giants, it has been in the market since 2001, and there are more than half a million websites hosted on its high quality and efficient servers. In Motion Hosting is an American web hosting company and all its servers are located in the United States, this may be a disadvantage for those targeting visitors from the Middle East (it is known that the closer the server is to the visitors, the better the site load speed), but of course CDN services make this The defect is not important at all. This hosting has a support team at the highest level, and it offers support by phone or through instant live chat. This hosting offers a variety of packages and packages, and it provides the ability to tailor a special package according to the needs of large sites. Here is some important information about In Motion Hosting: Prices start at $5.99 per month. Availability of hosting reservation on a monthly basis. Free domain. Free SSL Certificate. 50 GB storage. The possibility of making two websites on the cheapest hosting that you provide. 10 free email addresses. Free marketing and technical tools. Book In Motion Hosting now at the best price 7. Hostinger . Hosting Hostinger . Hosting Hostinger is a European web hosting company headquartered in Lithuania. It is one of the famous hosting companies, and it has gained special fame in recent years, especially in our Arab region, because its official website is available in Arabic. Hostinger company depends on the horizontal spread in the market, it includes under it many other companies; Some of them offer free hosting services, and some of them offer the same hosting services, but with a different name. In any case, Hostinger is one of the giants that deserves to be placed in this list, because of its quality and the stability of its services in the market, and it is always working to gain customer satisfaction, and it places this in its priorities in all its decisions. But the thing that really distinguishes this hosting is its competitive prices compared to other companies in the market. Without any competitor, it offers the cheapest price in the market at all, and the wonderful thing is that this is not at the expense of quality or efficiency. It has a lot of packages and packages that suit all kinds of sites of all sizes, and it calls to start with the simplest and cheapest packages, and promises its users that they will find what they need when they grow up and get thousands of daily visitors. Of course, like the previous companies, they provide special and ready-made hosting for sites that use WordPress, and as we mentioned, they have a large variety of hosting to suit everyone. Here is some important information about Hostinger hosting: Pricing starts at $1.39 per month. One site at the cheapest hosting. 30 GB storage. Only one professional email. The allowed monthly visitor limit is 10,000 visitors. You can get your money back within 30 days. There is no free domain. Free SSL Certificate. Book your Hostinger hosting now at the best price 8. GreenGeeks HostingToday we will conclude our list of the best global web hosting companies with this wonderful company, which had to be placed in a higher order, but unfortunately the list is limited and the wonderful companies are many, so we preferred to make it the last thing. This company has a special nature, as it raises the slogan that it is one of the global hosting companies that works entirely with clean energy, and this is clear from the picture on its official page of a girl breathing fresh air. Of course, to be in this competitive hosting market, you need more than just using clean energy, and this is what Green Jax is well aware of; They provide hosting services at the highest level of efficiency at very fair prices. It has servers in Europe, America and Canada, and it has a good number of packages that suit most website owners, and of course it has its own ready-made hosting for websites that use WordPress. Here is some important information about GreenGeeks hosting:
الترجمة طويلة جدًا ولا يمكن حفظها.
Price starts from 2.49 per month. One site for the above price. 50 GB storage. Free domain for one year. Free SSL Certificate. Backup data on a daily basis. 50 free emails in your domain name. 30 day money back guarantee. Book Green Geeks hosting now at the best price 3 other alternative hosts to consider 1. SiteGround Hosting Siteground Hosting is one of the best hosting companies ever, and in my opinion and according to my personal experience it is the fastest and best performing hosting. They have an amazing support team, they have their own tools that help your site load faster and perform better, and they take the security aspect very seriously and put it in the highest consideration. The reason why I did not put this hosting at the top of the list of the eight giants is that it recently stopped accepting new clients for many countries, including the Arab countries and the Middle East countries. Read also: Why SiteGround Hosting is the best ever 2. HostMonster . Hosting Host Monster is one of the hosts I've tried myself, and it's hosting with the highest level of efficiency and quality. It has a very high level of efficient customer service, and they will often solve any problem you encounter from the first time you talk to them. Host Monster is one of the hosts that deserves to be placed with the eight giants, but I preferred to put it here with the three substitutes because it is very similar to HostGator, and the two companies are affiliated with the same parent company, and they have almost the same features and capabilities. 3. GoDaddy Hosting Godaddy is a name known to everyone, it is more than just hosting, it has a complete package of tools and services for every website owner. Through it, you can get a domain at a very low price, and it has a lot of marketing tools and services, which will make you satisfied with building your business completely. It has a private hosting for WordPress sites, the price of which starts from about 4 countries, and it includes thousands of templates and plugins. It has a 24/7 support service, a daily backup, and with one click you can cancel the modifications to your site, return to the copy before making the modifications, and finally it will give you a free copy of Microsoft Office 365 tools. Now we have finished the list of the best web hosting companies, but our topic is not over yet, there are still many aspects and points that I would like to share with you, which you can consider very important aspects, and it is necessary to know them in order to choose the best hosting company for you. The most important factors for choosing a web hosting There are a lot of web hosting companies on the Internet, and among these companies there is a high degree of competition. Each of these companies is trying to offer something more unique than the others, in order to attract more customers. Therefore, you will find, for example, some companies raising the slogan of the cheapest price, and others are better in support service….etc. from the other side; Clients who are looking for good hosting like you keep in mind some of the priorities that should be present in the hosting company, these priorities differ from one client to another, of course. With this in mind, I will give you here the most important factors that you should keep in mind when buying a new Hosting: 1. Cost Cost is a very important element for most, but in the world of marketing the cost is often deceptive, and does not reflect the reality of the price paid. So when you compare web hosting to another in terms of cost, you have to take into account many aspects, including: The cost of renewing the hosting, which will often differ from the cost the first time. What comes with the hosting package is free, such as an SSL certificate, a free domain, or other marketing tools. Money-back guarantee in case of cancellation. Limited service provided, you must make sure that the low cost does not affect setting limits that may hinder you in the future. Example: Limiting the number of monthly visitors, or allowing only one site for the bundle. 2. Support service For me personally, this is a very important factor, and I put it first on my list of priorities when choosing a new host. Does the web host have live chat support? How long do they take to respond to your emails? What is the efficiency of support workers? How well are they able to solve problems and their willingness to help? In fact, all of the hosting companies in the list of eight giants have top-notch support. 3. Efficiency Efficiency is a very important factor when choosing web hosting. Efficiency is the lack of down time significantly (that is, the server does not fall, which leads to the downtime of your site). The efficiency of the hosting also affects the speed of your site by a certain percentage because it is related to the server response (that is, the time elapsed until the server responds to the request to load the site for users). 4. Features Of course, this point varies according to the needs of each customer, so you have to determine in advance the features you want. For example, WordPress support and the ease of configuring your site is a very important feature for WordPress users. Also, the daily backup feature (i.e. keeping a backup copy of site files on a daily basis), is a very important feature because it saves a lot of time and effort compared to doing it manually. 5. Security It protects the hosted sites from hacking and viruses. Safety and protection are somewhat stretchy concepts. Everyone claims that their companies are impenetrable, but on the ground we find many giant companies being hacked. Here you have to choose a hosting company that pays special attention to the element of protection and security, and follow one of the methods of prevention, and do not worry, all the companies in the eight giants are companies that give protection and security enough attention that makes you reassuring. 6. Tools provided by the hosting company to its users There are a lot of tools that hosting companies compete for
What is a server? A server is a computer dedicated to running websites. Website files are saved on the server, and it has a program to run these files and make them work in users' browsers when they type the link to this website.